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Kayu Sugih

Kayu Sugih is a mix of Indonesian word and Javanese dialect of the word Kayu (EN: Wood) and Sugih (EN: Wealthy/Rich).
The phrase of Kayu Sugih represents the highly priced of teak wood, due to its long harvesting time and the benefits that teak wood can provide for our future.


Kayu Sugih is a newly formed Small Business Company established early in 2012, and act as the ‘store front’ of a long-experienced local workshop that plant, grow, harvest its own Grade A teak and supply its own grown teak mainly to furniture manufacturer and local furniture shops, furniture stores, furniture traders, furniture galleries with export quality in forms of logs, wood planks for parquetry and teak wood furniture. We are the hand of major teak furniture product available in Indonesia.

Now and backed by extensive experience and expertise, Kayu Sugih understands well and implements International Standard of Quality, from designs up to fabrication by conducting conscious and honest business practice of providing certified, genuine, natural and original teak wood.